Intensive control by police results in 112 monetary sanctions

Publication date 15.5.2023 9.04
News item

An intensive 24-hour control campaign of heavy-duty transport carried out by the police starting at 6am on Wednesday 10 May and ending at 6am on Thursday 11 May found 53 driving and rest time violations and 9 tachograph violations.

Sanctions issued included 28 for non-roadworthiness, as well as penalties (24) for failures to properly secure loads and for overloading (13).

With regard to goods traffic, control focused in particular on compliance with driving and rest times, load securing, vehicle roadworthiness and overloading. 

A total of 602 heavy-duty vehicles, 520 Finnish and 82 foreign, were inspected during the 24-hour campaign. A total of 112 monetary sanctions and 104 reprimands were issued to drivers. 

The intensive control campaign took place in all police department areas. 

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