Intensive speed control campaign by the police next weekend

Publication date 9.6.2023 9.04
News item
Police car (maija) parked between traffic lanes. Traffic control in progress.

The police will control high speeds nationwide on the main roads in particular from 9 to 11 June. The control will focus on high speeds on the main roads, but speed control and other traffic monitoring will continue in densely populated areas as well.

The control campaign will be conducted on a 24/7 basis, also at night, using all available surveillance methods and resources. This time, the speed control campaign of the police will focus on excessive driving speeds. 

“Too high or inappropriate driving speed is a contributing factor in approximately every third fatal traffic accident. At higher speeds, accidents cause far more damage than accidents at lower speed. Excessive driving speeds are characteristic particularly for the high-risk driving style of young male drivers,” says Chief Superintendent Heikki Kallio of the National Police Board.

With the intensive speed control campaign, the police wish road users a safe summer, and require compliance with traffic rules.

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