Investigations into the gas pipeline damage proceed

Publication date 10.11.2023 11.57
News item

Investigation into the Balticconnector gas pipeline damage has been underway for a month. Technical examinations have reinforced suspicion that the anchor lifted from the sea belongs to the vessel Newnew Polar Bear.

Cooperation between Finland, Estonia and supporting national authorities has been close and successful. The police have also increased contacts with Chinese authorities for solving the case.

− Active scene investigation has been finished, but technical examinations are still going on. At this stage we can state that the anchor lifted from the sea on 24 October 2023, may for some technical details be considered to belong to Newnew Polar Bear. In the said anchor, same type of paint has also been detected as in the damaged gas pipeline, Detective Superintendent Risto Lohi says.

Based on the analysis of the collected data, the main line of investigation into the sequence of events has remained unchanged. The focus is still on clearing up the role of the vessel Newnew Polar Bear.

− We have contacted Chinese authorities and made an international request for legal assistance in order to obtain information and enhance cooperation in clearing up the case, Lohi says.

More precise technical examination results will be obtained later. Although the investigation has progressed well and is being actively continued, it is still necessary to prepare for a long-lasting investigation due to the related technical examinations and several international requests.

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