Mopeds and electric personal transportation devices subject to spring check by the police and Traficom at the weekend

Publication date 22.5.2024 10.29
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Next weekend, 24-26 May, the police will check the structure and condition of two-wheeled vehicles, the fitness of drivers to drive, the wearing of safety helmets and compliance with traffic rules throughout the country. The enforcement operation will also include the condition and speed of electric personal transportation devices.

The aim of the enforcement operation is to improve road safety by paying attention to the non-intoxication and compliance with the rules of operators of two-, three-wheeled vehicles and light quadricycles. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom will be involved in some of the vehicle checks, and the Finnish Road Safety Council will be involved in some of the checks to disseminate information on safe driving. Weekend moped meets will also subject to enforcement.

In a similar enforcement operation carried out last year, 38 drunk drivers and 126 drivers without a licence were caught. The vehicle category was found to have been changed in 75 cases and vehicle condition was otherwise intervened in in 291 cases. Around 200 cases of non-compliance with traffic rules were intervened in.

“A tuned-up moped can be life-threatening, which is why parents should also take an interest in the condition of their children's vehicles,” points out Chief Superintendent Tuomo Katajisto.

Concerns about the condition of electric personal transportation devices - vendors have a responsibility for the safety and compliance of the devices they sell

Electric personal transportation devices have become a phenomenon and increasingly visible on the roads and Traficom has received several reports of unexpected damage to these devices. Companies selling electric personal transportation devices are responsible for the safety and compliance of the devices they sell - particular attention should be paid to instructing customers where and how to use the device. During the enforcement operation, the aim is to disseminate information on the safe use of electric personal transportation devices in traffic. Failure to follow the instructions can lead to rapid damage to the structure of the equipment.

Reform of the Motor Liability Insurance Act will see new transportation devices brought within the scope of motor liability insurance

The upcoming reform of the Motor Liability Insurance Act entering into force on 1 June 2024 will see light e-vehicles weighing more than 25 kg and all e-scooters for hire must have motor liability insurance. The enforcement operation will remind drivers of the obligations brought by reform of the Act.

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