More than 700 fines and 267 traffic penalty fees issued by the police in speed supervision operation

Publication date 25.4.2023 12.56 | Published in English on 2.5.2023 at 14.05
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Supervision of driving speeds plays a key role in traffic surveillance. One of the key goals of the EU Road Safety policy, issued by the European Commission in June 2019 for the years 2021–2030, is safe driving speed.

Driving speed is a significant risk factor in fatal traffic accidents, as the driving speed influences the driver’s possibilities to take action, and the consequences of accidents, in many different ways. When the speed rises, driving becomes more difficult and the risks of various mistakes that may result in an accident become higher.

The police spent approximately 3,000 working hours on controlling driving speeds throughout the country between 21 and 23 April 2023. During the supervision, 67 drivers committing aggravated endangering of traffic safety were caught, as well as 97 drivers whose conduct exceeded the criteria for gross callousness in traffic. Principally, that means that they exceeded the permitted driving speed by more than 30 km/h. A total of 717 fines and 267 traffic penalty fees were issued. 

With regard to 17-year-old drivers, a total of 15 fines were issued, while four drivers are suspected of committing aggravated endangering of traffic safety and four of gross callousness in traffic.

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