National Bureau of Investigation continue investigations at sea

Publication date 16.10.2023 17.27
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Investigations into the damage to a gas pipeline and a telecommunications cable have progressed over the weekend. The technical investigation at the scene has been allowed to continue.

The National Bureau of Investigation has continued its investigation into the events leading to the damage to the gas pipeline and the telecommunications cable over the weekend. There are still several lines of investigation, all of which are being pursued in parallel.

As one line of inquiry, the police have been investigating the vessels present at the time of the incident and are examining their activities in the area.

– The investigation is still in a very active phase on many levels, says Risto Lohi, Detective superintendent.

– Already now, a very large body of information has been accumulated, and it is being analysed all the time, says Mr Lohi.

On Monday, the police have continued preparations in cooperation with the authorities to carry out a more detailed technical investigation of the area, but due to the weather conditions, it has not yet been possible to carry out all the measures. The area under investigation is extensive and the authorities will continue to operate in the area until further notice.

The international cooperation launched last week has been wide with authorities in different countries, and domestic cooperation with authorities such as the Finnish Border Guard has been further intensified.

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