National Police Board of Finland has appointed Tapio Aaltonen as Director of Technology

Publication date 11.3.2024 13.45 | Published in English on 12.3.2024 at 15.54
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The National Police Board of Finland has appointed Tapio Aaltonen LLB as Director of Technology at the National Police Board effective 1 April 2024.

Aaltonen joins the National Police Board from his post of Chief Information Officer at the Ministry of the Interior, where he has been since 2014.

The Director of Technology heads the operations of the Technology Unit at the National Police Board. The Unit includes the responsibility areas of materials management and procurement, information management and facilities management. In addition, the Police Materials Centre and the Police Information Technology Centre operate under the Technology Unit.

The National Police Board of Finland is tasked with planning, leading, developing and supervising police operations and their support functions. It is also responsible for ensuring equal access to police services in different parts of the country, deciding on cooperation between police units and providing performance guidance to police units. The National Police Commissioner leads, develops and supervises the activities of the National Police Board and the administrative branch of the police.