Next weekend’s Police controls focus on use and condition of mopeds and other light vehicles

Publication date 11.5.2022 8.53
News item

In the coming weekend from 13 to 15 May 2022, the Police will have nationwide controls of mopeds and other light two or four-wheeled vehicles and their drivers. The controls will focus not only on the condition of the drivers and adequacy of their licences, but also on the state of their vehicles and on the way the traffic code is respected.

In proportion to the size of the age group, the young are over-represented in traffic death and injury statistics. Every year, moped-related crashes result in a few fatalities and in about 300 injuries. When the motorized quadricycles and motorcycle accidents are included in these statistics, the number of annual injuries is almost one thousand.

According to Chief Superintendent Tuomo Katajisto, the behaviour of the young in traffic is one of the main priorities of Police traffic safety work, and this weekend’s controls aim at impacting the safety of the vehicles used by the young, as well as their mobility culture in general. 

- The second aim of the control campaign is to reduce disturbing driving and noise in the residential areas in late hours of the day, he adds.  

Chief Superintendent Katajisto urges the parents of the young to regularly ensure that their young drive on safe and legal wheels. 

- Well-functioning brakes and headlights are particularly important from a safety point of view. If the moped is very noisy and the plates tend to be hidden, there is reason to suspect that the vehicle is not meeting the legal requirements.

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