Police concerned about load securing in heavy vehicle traffic

Publication date 27.7.2021 11.53
News item

Intensive control of heavy vehicle transport again revealed driving and resting time offences as well as loads being insufficiently secured.

“Police concerns about the high number of incidences of insufficient load securing in heavy vehicle traffic mean that this will be controlled in the future,” reports Superintendent Heikki Kallio at the National Police Board.

Last week’s intensive Police control of heavy vehicle traffic revealed 253 driving and resting time offences, and 43 tachograph offences. In addition, four incidents of tachograph manipulation were found and Insufficient securing of loads was found on 77 trucks. Onward journeys had to be discontinued because of vehicle condition in 12 cases. A total of 79 sanctions were given as a result of these offences. Additionally, penalties were given for driver and document violations (44 cases) and overloading (29 cases).

Four wanted persons were found and five drivers were under the influence of alcohol.
The control also highlighted 46 cases involving inattention, most of which involved the driver holding a cell phone when using it while driving, or obstacles being placed in front of the driver thereby obscuring the driver’s vision.The Southeast Finland Border Guard District also too  part in the national intensive control of heavy vehicle traffic carried out between 19 and 25 July by checking heavy vehicle traffic at border crossing places. 

During the week, a total of 1,980 heavy vehicles were controlled in around 2,650 working hours. Foreign vehicles accounted for 460 vehicles of the total. Seven buses were also controlled.

Control of freight transport focused particularly on compliance with driving and resting times, load securing and vehicle condition.