Police departments to control excessive speeding next week

16.4.2021 13.54
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From 19 to 25 April, the Police will control excessive speeding on a national scale, especially on the arterial highways. The controls will be active every day 24/7, using all available control means and resources. The controls will be accompanied by intensive communications.

In 2020, the Police caught about 6,000 motor vehicle drivers suspected of aggravated endangering of traffic safety. The number was about 40 percent, or 1,700 cases up from the year 2019.

 - In springtime, controls are particularly necessary after the car drivers change to summer tyres and motorcycles are back in traffic, Chief Superintendent Heikki Ihalainen of the National Police Board points out.

According to Chief Superintendent Ihalainen, most of Finland already has summer speed limits, and driving at speeds higher than that is no way necessary and certainly not legal.

 - Even if the controls focus on the main arteries, the population centres will also be supervised, Chief Superintendent Ihalainen adds.

Through its intensified traffic control operations, the Police wishes road users safer traffic than last year, with the respect of speed limits.

 During the week, a 24-hour speed limit control marathon will take place on Wednesday 21 April.

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