Police had to take away licences from 47 young drivers in intensive control at the weekend

Publication date 23.4.2024 13.22
News item

In an intensive speed and driving behaviour control during the weekend of 19-21 April 2024, the focus of enforcement was on driving speeds and particularly on the behaviour of young people in traffic. Unfortunately, people under the age of 25 were heavily represented in the statistics.

The detection of all speeding and the monitoring of young people's traffic behaviour were intensively controlled by the police across the country over the weekend of 19–21 April.

It has often been said that bad weather is the best police officer, and this time was no exception. The cold weather certainly reduced the number of offences detected, especially incidents of excessive speeding leading to the loss of a driving licence.

All the same, despite the wintry weather, persons aged under 25 were heavily represented as an age group in the statistics. Of these, 154 persons received a traffic penalty fee, which represents 17% of the total traffic penalty fees issued, and 151 young people received fines for speeding, which is 23% of the total fines. Of those who received speeding fines, 30 young people lost their driving licences as a result of gross negligence, which represents 45% of the total. In addition, 12 young people are suspected of causing a serious traffic hazard, which represents 39% of the total. The remaining 5 youth driving bans resulted from something other than driving speeds.

Over the weekend, the police issued a total of 657 fines and 893 traffic penalty fees. These figures include all fines and traffic penalty fees, not just those issued to young people. A total of 31 incidents of causing a serious traffic hazard were recorded.

Of those caught by the police, 67 were driving their vehicles in such a way that the criteria for gross negligence were met and a driving ban ensued. This means that the driving speed exceeded the maximum permissible speed by more than 30 km/h.

Automatic camera surveillance detected 2,650 speeding incidents resulting in traffic penalty fees and 70 in fines, with automated traffic surveillance vehicles accounting for 833 incidents.

Driving speed is a major contributing factor in fatal road accidents. As the speed increases, the risks of various errors leading to an accident increase. The consequences of an accident are also usually more serious.

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