Police intervened in hundreds of violations during moped enforcement weekend

Publication date 28.5.2024 14.07
News item

Last weekend, 24-26 May, the police checked the condition of mopeds, motorcycles and other vehicles lighter than cars and the condition and traffic behaviour of their drivers throughout the country. The operation was also directed at the condition and speed of electric personal transportation devices.

Results of the enforcement operation 

During the enforcement operation, around 1,500 mopeds, motorcycles, light quadricycles and motorcycles were inspected, as well as more than 500 cars. During the enforcement, 21 drunk drivers were detected, 101 drivers lacked the right driving licence for the vehicle, and 116 holders of driving licences received a driving ban. 
There were 12 interventions in unnecessary or disturbing driving and 150 in other traffic rule violations. A total of 18 illegal loads of persons, 37 vehicles of modified category and 233 vehicles in unroadworthy condition were found. 
Chief Superintendent Tuomo Katajisto at the National Police Board of Finland considers the results to be as expected, although there were fewer drunk drivers and vehicles in their category modified relative to the number of vehicles inspected than in a corresponding enforcement operation last year.
“Ideally and from the point of view of traffic safety, there should be far fewer faults and breaches of rules,” Katajisto concludes.

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