Police investigate extensive data breach in Helsinki City’s computer network

Publication date 13.5.2024 14.26
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According to police information, the City of Helsinki’s computer network was breached during the night of 30 April 2024. The police are currently investigating the case as an aggravated computer break-in.

The City of Helsinki has filed a police report stating that a data breach has targeted the City of Helsinki’s Education Division’s computer network.

The extent and impact of the data breach are being investigated in cooperation with the City of Helsinki.

“The victim of the crime is currently the City of Helsinki, from which the police will receive all necessary information for the investigation of the case. City residents do not need to contact the police”, advises the Deputy Police Commissioner Heikki Kopperoinen. 

The preliminary investigation is in its early stages, and the police will provide further information as needed during the investigation.

More information about data breach

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