Police investigate involvement of APT31 group in the hacking of Parliament's information systems

Publication date 18.3.2021 12.20
News item

Investigations into the hacking of the Finnish Parliament's information systems are ongoing. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) started the criminal investigation in late autumn 2020. The suspected offences comprise an aggravated computer break-in, aggravated espionage, and aggravated message interception.

When analysing the material collected during the criminal investigation, the police have found some indications of possible perpetrators.

– We are investigating links to the APT31 group, but we will not disclose any details about the facts discovered as the criminal investigation is ongoing. The motive is under investigation. We have not excluded the possibility that the purpose of the attack was to gather intelligence to benefit a foreign state or to harm Finland's interests, says Detective Superintendent Tero Muurman of the NBI.  

We have cooperated with national and international authorities, including the Finnish Security Intelligence Service. 

– This is an unfortunate situation for the victims and, given the nature of the institution attacked, the incident is exceptional in Finland. However, globally speaking, it is not so unique as similar incidents are discovered worldwide every now and then.

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