Police monitored morning commuter traffic nationwide

Publication date 31.1.2024 10.12
News item

Monitoring morning commuter traffic proved necessary. During the campaign, which lasted from Monday to Friday, the police caught six persons who had caused a serious traffic hazard and issued 469 fines.

Last week, from 22 to 26 January, the police monitored morning commuter traffic nationwide, both using traditional and automatic surveillance.

The police spent a total of 2,497.1 hours of working time on traditional surveillance. The police detected six incidents of causing a serious traffic hazard, for which they submitted a police report and imposed driving bans, and issued 469 fines, of which 30 were acts of gross negligence. Gross negligence also resulted in driving bans. The police also imposed 455 traffic penalty fees for speeding.

The police monitored for a total of 260.6 hours using automatic surveillance vehicles and detected a total of 810 incidents of speeding. As a rule, the police send the sanctions for these by post.

The police monitored commuter traffic intensively because it was clear that, especially in the mornings, certain drivers were driving at high speeds and showing disregard for other traffic, which increases the risk of serious accidents.

Since there is a clear need for it, the police will also monitor morning commuter traffic in future.