Police step up visible surveillance at end of the school year

Publication date 27.5.2024 10.10
News item

Police Departments will carry out intensified street and drug enforcement during the end-of-school week from 27 May to 2 June 2024, with a focus on young people under 18 years of age. Particular attention will be paid to the possession of intoxicants, narcotics and bladed weapons.

As the school year ends, young people often gather to party, and these gatherings are associated with use of intoxicants and the excesses that go with it. The aim of visible police surveillance is to prevent disorder, accidents and to stop young people from becoming victims of crime. 

Police will intervene in the possession of intoxicants and bladed weapons

The police will be highly visible and intervene in all cases of intoxicant use and possession. The police have also noticed that young people are nowadays unfortunately often in possession of bladed weapons or other objects capable of harming others. Intervention in the possession of bladed weapons is a key enforcement theme, together with the possession of drugs and alcohol.

Local police units will work closely with, for example, youth and social services during the monitoring period. This cooperation between the authorities will ensure effective intervention and a prompt response to any problems that may arise.

It is important that parents of young people know where and with whom their children are spending their weekends and what they are doing. Backpacks and bags should be checked with the young person before going out. This can help avoid the surprises that often come with intervention by the authorities.

Local police officers will communicate about their enforcement in different ways during and after the operation. The National Police Board of Finland will compile national statistics on enforcement by 12 June. 

The intensified enforcement operation aims in particular to prevent harm caused by alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.

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