Police supervised young people’s traffic behaviour in intensified campaign last weekend

Publication date 9.8.2023 14.41
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The police supervised young people’s traffic behaviour across Finland in an intensive campaign from 4 to 6 August. The campaign focused on detecting excessive speeding and on monitoring young people’s traffic behaviour and any meetups and rallies.

During the weekend, the police imposed a total of 377 fines and 121 traffic penalty fees. These figures include all fines and traffic penalty fees, not just those imposed on young people. On top of this the police filed 40 offences of causing a serious traffic hazard.

Of the drivers, 73 drove their vehicle in such a way that they met the criteria for gross negligence. This means that their driving speed exceeded the maximum permitted speed by more than 30 km/h. 

Also drivers aged 17 holding an age exception permit to drive a passenger car were sanctioned, with 15 receiving speeding fines. Besides these, five are suspected of causing a serious traffic hazard and two of gross negligence. 

Driving speed is a major factor in fatal road accidents. As speed increases, so do the risks of various errors resulting in an accident. The consequences of accidents at high speed are usually more serious than at lower speeds.

Police sword lion badge on the sleeve of the blue coverall.

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