Police to control intoxication on the roads and the water

Publication date 28.6.2024 13.43
News item

The police's nationwide enforcement theme on being in charge of a vehicle or watercraft while intoxicated, which will last almost the whole of July, will start on 1 July. In fatal motor vehicle accidents investigated by investigation teams in 2022, 42% of the drivers responsible were under the influence of intoxicants.

The timing of the theme is based on the fact that, with the exception of last year, most road traffic accidents resulting in death or injury caused by driving while intoxicated have occurred in July. During the theme, the police will intensify their efforts to breathalyse drivers both on the roads and on the water. During the theme, attention will also be paid to drivers' fitness to drive, shortcomings in which constitute at least an underlying risk in more than half of fatal accidents.

During last year's theme, 63,746 breathalyser tests were carried out and 1,574 persons suspected of being in charge of a watercraft or a motorised vehicle while intoxicated were caught.

Chief Superintendent Heikki Ihalainen at the National Police Board of Finland points out that intoxicants and motoring are just as incompatible as intoxicants and boating. Whereas being convicted of driving while intoxicated and the ensuing driving ban are unwelcome, a reduced ability to act in traffic due to intoxication may, in a worst case scenario, cause the death or serious injury of another person or persons.