Results from intensified controls in drug crime prevention

Publication date 16.6.2021 13.00
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The drug use numbers are showing a growing trend and drugs are increasingly shown in traffic contexts, in particular. This became evident in the intensified drug offence prevention controls the Police made during the week n. 22 (31 May to 6 June).

All Police Departments were involved in the control actions. The drug controls focused on drug sales and distribution on the streets and apartments.

After the control operations, the Police Departments reported 94 drugs offences, 219 drugs user offences and 11 aggravated drugs offences. In 33 cases, a connection with online drugs sales is suspected.  

In addition, the controls revelated 79 cases of drunken driving, 2 assaults or other forms of violence and 13 crimes against property.   A total of 265 suspects of crime were apprehended.  During the controls, the Police found 32 wanted persons.

Drugs and proceeds of crime were confiscated

The confiscations made during the controls include 8.6 kg of marijuana, 377 cannabis plants and 765 g of amphetamine. About 740 tables of narcotics were also seized. About 16,000 worth of cash was confiscated as proceeds of crime. In addition, 6 firearms were found and seized.

 The results of the controls are not comparable with last year when the control period was two weeks in the autumn.

- The targeting of the controls and the available resources play a material role on the number of detected and uncovered drug offences.  However, the result indicate that the drug use volumes continue to grow. After the two-week control operations last year, the Police Departments reported 125 drugs offences, 195 drugs user offences and 15 aggravated drugs offences. Moreover, last year there were 67 cases of drunken driving, Detective Superintendent Kari Siivo of the Police Board comments on the results.

 Suspects also include under 18-year-olds

The Police actions involved 265 crime suspects in total, with 11 persons under 18 years of age. The number of first-time drug offender suspects was 27. 

A total of 52 fines were imposed for concluded penal cases found in the controls. The Police also issues 21 admonitions and 96 drug users were referred to treatment.

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