Scam emails sent in NBI's name – delete message without opening attachments

Publication date 17.3.2022 11.31 | Published in English on 17.3.2022 at 13.05
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The National Bureau of Investigation warns of scam emails sent in its name. Such emails have been sent from different email addresses and their content varies from one message to another. They do not come from the police but from criminals who use email addresses that look similar to those of the police.

According to current information, these scam messages have pdf attachments, and their subject contains the mention "article 360". It is claimed in the messages that the recipient has been guilty of crimes.

– It is typical of scams that the content and form of messages change, so it is impossible to give a precise description of scam messages. But what is important is that people do not open the pdf files attached to the messages or follow the instructions given in the messages, says Head of Cybercrime Centre, Senior Detective Superintendent Mikko Rauhamaa of the National Bureau of Investigation.

If you receive a message described above, delete it without opening the attachments. You do not have to do anything else about the matter. If you have already replied to the message and given your banking details, you should immediately contact your bank and after that report the scam to the police.

Europol has also recently published a warning concerning similar scams as well as fake calls that appear to originate from Europol numbers. Such fake calls have not yet been discovered in Finland.

The police monitor the phenomenon and provide further information about it as necessary.

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