Several driving and rest time violations in heavy traffic

Publication date 18.10.2022 14.03
News item

The Police conducted an intensive nation-wide control campaign focusing on heavy traffic during the week from 10 to 16 October 2022. Involving all Police departments, the control period was also part of the European-wide control theme of the European Roads Policing Network (ROADPOL).

The Police detected the total of 215 driving and rest time violations (compared to 140 in the July 2022 controls). Moreover, in 47 cases (27 in July 2022), the vehicle running recorder, or tachograph, was not used in line with the respective legislation. 

- The number of detected driving and rest times violations is still far too high in relation to the total number of controlled vehicles, Chief Superintendent Kari Onninen of the National Police Board comments on the results. 

The number of sanctions issued for lacking order of vehicles was 133. In 29 cases, the vehicle was totally banned from driving any further. 

- A smaller number of sanctions was issued on vehicles not working properly whereas the number of bans on continued driving was this time higher than earlier. As a whole, the improvements did not meet the expectations, he adds.

The cargo was secured inadequately in 73 vehicles controlled while 39 overloads were found by the Police. During the campaign, the Police detected 8 drivers who did not have the licence to drive the vehicle in question.

Controls involved over 1900 vehicles

During the campaign, a total of 1920 heavy vehicles were controlled, a superior number than the objectives set for the controls. About 20 percent of all vehicles were registered abroad. 

The total of 429 different sanctions were issued to the drivers. The proportion of the sanctions was the same as in the corresponding controls during the past year. Some drivers received sanctions for several simultaneous violations. 

In addition, 253 controls under the Aliens Act were performed.

Overall, the Police working time spent on the controls was about 3000 hours.

The objective of the control campaign is not only improved traffic safety but also the prevention of grey economy and traffic-related criminality. Similar to earlier corresponding campaigns, this year’s controls were targeted at the most evident problems, such as the non-compliance of prescribed driving and rest periods, at cargo securement and vehicle condition.