The National Bureau of Investigation took part in an international operation on suspected aggravated tax fraud

Publication date 7.6.2023 13.33 | Published in English on 19.6.2023 at 13.12
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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), together with the Dutch and German authorities, conducted searches and made arrests on suspicion of withholding tax evasion.

The NBI is a member of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) established between Finland, Germany and the Netherlands to tackle the criminal phenomenon of withholding tax evasion. In Finland, the NBI cooperates with the Tax Administration in investigating suspected cases of aggravated tax fraud in connection with this phenomenon. During an action day organised between the JIT countries, two suspects were arrested in Finland and the Netherlands.

– According to a preliminary estimate by the joint investigation team, tax evaded in Finland, the Netherlands and Germany amounts to tens of millions of euros, says Merja Laitinen-Jaakkola Detective Superintendent and Head of Investigation of the National Bureau of Investigation.

The criminal investigation is ongoing, and the police will provide further information as soon as possible given the state of the investigation.

The suspected offences are linked to a wider phenomenon

Withholding tax avoidance schemes and so-called Cum-Ex and Cum-Cum transactions are a widespread international phenomenon that has resulted in substantial tax losses in several European countries. The phenomenon refers to arrangements made and trading done around dividend payment dates in order to gain unjustified tax benefits. 

– It is a question of a complex international scheme that always requires participants from at least two different countries. The scheme makes use of tax treaties between different countries, under which dividends are not subject to withholding tax. The scheme involves complex trading structures and requires many different operators from different countries. In Finland, investigating and combating this phenomenon are important objectives for the police and the Tax Administration, says Laitinen-Jaakkola.

Eurojust press release on the action day: 

Eurojust coordinates actions in Netherlands and Finland against dividend fraud and tax evasion.

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