The number of drunk drivers was a surprise during the moped surveillance weekend

Publication date 23.5.2023 9.57
News item

From last Friday to Sunday, the police monitored nationwide the roadworthiness of mopeds and the fitness for driving of their drivers, as well as compliance with traffic rules regarding mopeds. The surveillance also focused on compliance with regulations concerning moped cars, light tractors and motorcycles.

A total of more than 2,000 vehicles were checked during the surveillance operation. This included 1,177 mopeds, 228 motorcycles, 98 light quadricycles and 63 tractors. For most of the inspected vehicles, everything was in order. However, in some cases defects were found with the driver, the vehicle, or both. The surveillance detected 38 drivers suspected of driving under the influence, and 126 drivers did not have a driving licence required for the vehicle. A temporary driving ban was imposed on 162 drivers on the above-mentioned or other grounds. A pecuniary penalty for unnecessary and disorderly driving was imposed on 39 drivers, and for other traffic rule violations on 158 drivers.

For 75 vehicles, the vehicle class was found to have changed from moped to motorcycle. A pecuniary penalty was also imposed in 49 cases for ineffective noise suppression and in 291 cases for other defects in the vehicle. 

Chief Superintendent Tuomo Katajisto from the National Police Board was pleased with the fact that police departments were able to invest clearly more time in the surveillance operation than last year. The increase in the use of time was reflected in the amount of checks and sanctions. 

Katajisto finds it alarming and also surprising that the number of drunk drivers found during the surveillance was several times higher than last year. During a similar surveillance operation last year, only 11 people were caught for driving under the influence, while the number of checked vehicles was about 1,400. 

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