The Police Day will be celebrated in 11 locations in Southwestern Finland

Publication date 8.8.2022 11.39
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The traditional Police Day is organized on Saturday, the 27th of August. In Southwestern Finland police officers can be met in 11 localities in total during the theme day.

After a two-year break, police departments all over Finland will celebrate the Police Day by meeting with citizens. In Southwestern Finland the Police Day’s events are held widely in the entire region of the police department.

In Southwest Finland police officers and police equipment will be present in Kemiönsaari, Laitila, Loimaa, Parainen, Somero, Turku and Uusikaupunki. In Satakunta the theme day is organized in Eurajoki, Kankaanpää, Kokemäki and Pori.

The Police day has never before celebrated this widely in Southwestern Finland. 

– We want to put effort into this day and give the citizens as broad of a chance as possible to meet with us. During the last two years we have been forced to limit visits by the police in for example schools due to covid-19 among other things. Therefore, we appreciate the opportunity to get out and interact with people now, says the Deputy Police Chief Maria Hoikkala from Southwestern Finland Police Department. 

Hoikkala presumes that the citizens now also have more questions to ask the police regarding security- related issues. 

– It is important for us to be able to hear from the citizens about their feelings and thoughts. That is why Commanding Officers from our police department will also take part in the events during the Police Day, tells Hoikkala.

Bicycles for auction in Kokemäki

All of the events during the Police Day in Southwestern Finland will be held 13–16. Detailed information for each location is gathered on the Police’s website at

The events are open and suitable for all ages. Police patrols will be present in each venue and citizens will have the opportunity to take a closer look at police equipment. Small police-themed surprises are distributed to the children.

In connection with the event in Kokemäki police station there will be a lost and found auction at 2 p.m. Around 40 bicycles are up for an auction.

In Parainen you have a chance to meet the Archipelago Patrol, and both police female and male choirs will perform in Turku. 

In addition, the license services will have pop-up stations in Turku and Pori where you can book an appointment and receive advice on how to apply for an electronic permit, for example. 

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