Young people’s criminal symptoms require attention by society at large

Publication date 24.1.2023 10.29
News item

The Police statistics show that the number of offences committed by young suspects has increased dramatically.

In violent crime, i.e., assaults, homicides and robberies, the number of young suspects known to the Police has more than doubled during the past seven years. In 2022, there were 944 robberies committed by young suspects. This is 93% or 495 cases more than in the previous year.

This can be interpreted as a cry for help: everything is not right. Society must do its utmost to clip the wings of crime and turn the tide that has gone very wrong. 

The Police contributes by investigating the crimes that  have already taken place and by engaging in  preventive operations at the time when the criminal cycle is only just starting. However, what we need is a far wider front to interfere with the root causes of the ill-being felt by the young –  already prior to the first offence, before the Police is needed.  

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