Police hopes school’s out partying remains calm and orderly

3.6.2021 10.17
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After an exceptional school year, we are finally facing summer and school end. During the school’s out weekend 4 to 6 June 2021, the Police will engage in intensified surveillance of the consumption of intoxicants by the young. In doing so, the Police will also intervene with disturbances in the public domain.

The Police hope that the young will show an orderly and peaceful conduct during the school’s out weekend.

- We sincerely hope that people have the patience and continue to follow regional gathering restrictions imposed by the authorities.  Many of us are already really tired of the long-lasting pandemic, and also the distance school has persisted for weeks in many places. However, the pandemic is not yet over.  We need to stay careful and follow the recommendations and instructions given by the authorities, Chief Superintendent Ari Järvenpää of the National Police Board reminds.

He adds that this year too, the Police encourages everybody to party the school end avoiding close contacts and large gatherings, in small groups avoiding intoxicants.

Police may intervene with gatherings 

The Police is controlling the intoxicant use by the young and is ensuring public order and safety as normal. Gatherings may be dissolved if they endanger public order and safety.
- The primary line of operation of the Police is to maintain public order and safety as well as ensure people’s basic rights by giving instructions, advice and recommendations, Chief Superintendent Järvenpää reminds. 

The Polices encourages the parents to talk about the school’s out party risks with their children in good time ahead.

- When the ground rules are clear and agreed, partying takes place without intoxicants and within the restrictions of the exceptional circumstances, the risks for disease transmission and accidents are also smaller, Chief Superintendent Järvenpää points out.

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