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Payment blocks in gambling

Payment blocks in gambling came into force from the beginning of 2023. The goal of the regulation on payment blocks is to influence the availability of gambling in Mainland Finland. By influencing available gambling services and their accessibility is an effective means to prevent gambling related harm. Gambling outside Mainland Finland is not restricted or regulated by the Lotteries Act. To protect players from harm and safeguard the monopoly system, however, availability of gambling services has been restricted.  

Payment blocks restrict outgoing payments from the player to those gambling companies that the National Police Board has given a decision on prohibitions to market gambling services in violation of the Lotteries Act. A list of such companies can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Payment service providers are in a key position to enforce payment blocks as they have the duty to block payments as required by the National Police Board. Examples of payment services are account transfers, card payments and direct debiting. If payments are not blocked according to the imposed payment blocks, the National Police Board may prohibit initiation and completion of payment transactions related to gambling, and impose a conditional fine to reinforce the prohibition. 

Wheneverer there are such companies that are currently the object of payment blocks, they are listed below along with the associated brand names and the block's beginning and end dates.  

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Downloadable files

The National Police Board's instructions and guidelines on payment blocking
List of payment blocks (.csv) April 2, 2024
The file's SHA-256 hash is 352256f46944c3704db9d58e99535e8c2e56b20db308b64f2f76d56ba9476637