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Police Materials Centre

Key responsibilities of the Police Materials Centre include acquisitions of goods and services as instructed by senior management in accordance with current legislation, instructions and regulations of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Board as well as national and international cooperation with stakeholders in accordance with guidelines set by senior management. Other responsibilities include contract and supplier management, implementation of deliveries of police vehicles to police units, depreciation and post-processing of state property, planning, monitoring and analysis of the lifecycles of the materials and equipment used by the police, development of procurement activities of the police, procurement and materials advice service as well as provision of legal support, support for preparation of the Materials Centre’s budget, and participation in cooperation between authorities and stakeholders.
  • Street address
    Vuorikatu 1, 45100 Kouvola
    Post address
    PL 41, 45101 KOUVOLA
  • Phone Numbers
    • Switchboard
      +358 295 480181
    • Telephone exchange
      +358 295 480181