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Lahti main police station, police matters

Main Police Station of Häme Police Department

Lahti main police station, ”the Lion of Hennala”, is situated in a former canteen in the Hennala garrison area. The police duty desk receives reports of an offence. You can also apply for a passport, identity card and other permits at us. We deal with lost property and firearm permit matters.
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Contact info

Department of this station Häme Police Department

Esikuntakatu 4, 15700 LAHTI

Esitutkintapöytäkirjojen tilaus 0295 437 270
Löytötavarat 0295 414 131
Poliisipäivystys 0295 430 311
Rikosvihjeet 0295 414 222

Esitutkintapöytäkirjojen tilaus [email protected]
Löytötavarat [email protected]

Opening hours

Monday 08.00–16.15
Tuesday 08.00–16.15
Wednesday 08.00–16.15
Thursday 08.00–16.15
Friday 08.00–16.15

Switchboard 0295 430 311

In emergency call 112.


Report of criminal wrongdoing

A person who is a victim of an offence should file a report of criminal wrongdoing with the police as soon as possible.

In order to start the investigation the police needs, as soon as possible, a specific description of what, where, and when has happened and who are involved. The persons involved are the complainant and the suspect/suspects. The police shall enter the information regarding the report of criminal wrongdoing in the investigation and administrative assistance system of the police information system.

The report of criminal wrongdoing can be filed at the police station or electronically on the website of the police. The report should include, as accurately as possible, a description of what has happened and where and when as well as the persons involved (the complainant, possible suspect and witnesses). It is important to describe in detail the looks of the victim and the suspect. Also the contact information (telephone and e-mail) of the person filing the report must be filled in Information necessary for filing a report of criminal wrongdoing: - description of what has happened and how - exact time and place of the events - name of the suspect, if known - identifying characteristics of the suspect (age, hight, body, specific facial characteristics, colour of the eyes, teeth, speech, hands, moving, clothes) - in which direction the suspect fled and how - if the wrongdoer used a vehicle, the registration number and other characteristics of the vehicle (mark, colour, model) - dangerousness of the wrongdoer (weapons, state of mind, threats, use of intoxicants etc.) - the identifying characteristics of any stolen or lost property (colour, mark, model, serial number or other) A report of wrongdoing can be filed with the police anywhere, irrespective of the place of event.