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Ålands polismyndighets Tillståndsärenden

Ålands polismyndighets Tillståndsärenden
Ålands polismyndighets tillståndsärenden har adress Strandgatan 27 i Mariehamn. Under öppethållningstiderna ges service till tillstånds-, pass-, identitetskorts-, körkorts- och vapenärenden.
  • In emergencies, always dial 112.

    Prefer online services.

    Read the instructions first before applying for a passport, identity card or other permit, or submitting a crime report.

    Book an appointment beforehand, if possible.

    For information about pending cases, contact the police department that is processing your case. You can request records and copies by contacting the police department or station.

    The cost for a call to the Police is

    • the local network charge (pvm) if you call using a landline number
    • cellular phone charge (mpm) if you use a mobile phone
    • international call charge if you call from abroad.

    You will pay for the call in line with your operator tariff. Waiting time is also paid for.

  • Street address
    Strandgatan 27, 22100 MARIEHAMN
    Tillståndsärenden finns vid ingång A.
    Post address
    PB 73, 22101 MARIEHAMN
  • Phone Numbers
    • Switchboard
      +358 185 27100