What you should know about DDoS

What you should know about DDoS

Hey, you there, read this! 

Looks like you're interested in hacking and improving your cyber security skills.

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But do you know your limitations and responsibilities online? Here on the net, Finnish law applies, and the police monitor the net. 

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Know your responsibilities

Cybercrimes have consequences – to both you and other people!

Distributed denial of service attacks (DDos attacks, DDossing) can interfere with popular games.

Cybercrimes are criminal offences punishable by law

You may sometimes find it hard to recognise that you are about to commit a cybercrime, but this does not exempt you from criminal liability. You may also find it difficult to predict the consequences of your actions. 

Here is an example of a cybercrime that may have far-reaching consequences:
You are playing a game online and want to have a better score than your opponent. To win the game, you decide to interfere with your opponent's network connection with a DDoS attack.

Criminal Code of Finland
Chapter 38 – Data and communications offences, Section 7a – Interference in an information system

A person who, in order to cause detriment or economic loss to another, by entering, transferring, damaging, altering or deleting data or in another comparable manner unlawfully prevents the operation of an information system or causes serious interference in it shall be sentenced for interference in an information system to a fine or to imprisonment for at most two years.

Finnish Police work to combat all forms of cybercrime across the network

Is it possible that you are about to commit a cybercrime? Keep in mind at least the following consequences that you may have to face:

  • Criminal records: If you have a criminal record, you may have difficulties in applying for a job or a traineeship.
  • Device: Your phone or computer may be taken away from you.
  • Punishment: You may be sentenced to a fine or imprisonment.

The cybercrime you committed may cause serious damage to companies and social institutions. The consequences of cybercrime may result in blocking your personal gaming account or affect the entire society and its critical functions, such as the operation of telecommunication service providers and emergency numbers.

Improve your IT skills safely and legally

The Finnish Police encourage you to improve your IT skills as long as you do it safely and legally. Are you interested in information technology or other digital opportunities? 
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