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Tietojen poistaminen ja oikaiseminen -en

Deletion and rectification of data 

You have the right to ask the controller to correct any inaccuracies in your data and to add any missing information. If you refute the accuracy of the information held about you, you can ask the controller to restrict the processing of your data.

If the controller denies your request for rectification, supplementation, erasure or restriction of processing, they must give you a written certificate of the denial, including reasons. 

Requests for rectification of data held in the police’s national information systems

You can submit a request to correct inaccuracies in information held about you in the police’s national information systems at any police station. The police unit that receives your request will forward it to the National Police Board. Alternatively, you can send you request directly to the National Police Board by email or by post.

Please make sure that your request contains enough detail about whose personal data are at issue, which data of the police you want rectified or erased, why you feel that the information in question is incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect in view of the purpose of the processing, and how you want the information in question changed.

Refusals to rectify data

If the controller refuses to rectify your data, they must give you written proof of the refusal. The document must state the reasons why your request to have your data rectified has been denied.

Once you have received proof of the controller’s refusal to act on your request, you have the right to refer the matter to the Data Protection Ombudsman. 

If the processing of your personal data is based on the controller’s legal obligation, you do not have a right to

  • object to the processing of your data (‘right to object’) or
  • have your data moved between systems (‘right to data portability’).