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Financial criminals steal from our shared wealth

In financial crime, business activities are exploited for financial gain. Statutory responsibilities may be neglected or business activities may be used for criminal purposes. When financial criminals do not follow the common rules of play, they are taking from society’s shared wealth. 

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The most common forms of financial crime are tax fraud, accounting offences, dishonesty by a debtor and various other types of fraud. When investigating financial crime, the police partner and work closely with parties such as the Tax Administration, enforcement authorities and insurance companies.

Financial offences

Financial offences

Financial offences are offences that are committed for financial gain in connection with the activities of companies or associations. Other offences that are committed for the purpose of gain and have a link to business activities also fall under financial offences. 
The majority of the financial offence cases the police investigate are tax violations, accounting offences, offences by a debtor, subsidy violations and fraud offences. Money laundering is also often involved in financial offences and is used to attempt to hide the origin of illegally acquired money.

Neglecting statutory, financial or other responsibilities, such as occupational safety and environmental regulations, may also lead to a person committing a financial offence.

Financial crime is prevented with co-operation between authorities

The police co-operate with other authorities on both the national and international levels to combat and investigate financial crime. Tracing and confiscating any gains that may have been made by committing an offence and ensuring damages are paid are part of the police’s investigation into financial offences.

The police are involved in the Grey economy & economic crime website, which is shared by the authorities that are involved in combating financial crime and which offers up-to-date information about it. On the website, you can also find information on how to take appropriate measures and protect yourself from the negative effects of financial crime.