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Passports, identity cards, permits

A passport and an identity card are travel documents and official forms of identification. In Finland, applications for these documents are submitted to the police. 

The police permit worker hands the customer a passport.

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The police grants permits for firearms and the private security sector, decides on matters concerning public events and fireworks and processes other types of permits, licenses and notifications concerning a number of questions. 

The police is also responsible for duties related to the supervision of the right to drive and drivers' health.

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The most common license fees

  • Passport EUR 50
  • Passport, electronic application EUR 44
  • Identity card EUR 60
  • Identity card, electronic application EUR 54
  • Firearms permit EUR 105
  • Certification as a security steward EUR 55

Chect out the list of fees

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Report a lost passport, identity card or driving licence

If a document issued by the authorities (passport, identity card or driving licence) is lost or stolen, you must report it to the police. It is extremely important to file a report in order to prevent misuse. 

You can file the report using the electronic crime report form or by visiting a police station in person.

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