Just a month left to register firearms rendered permanently unfit for use

Publication date 18.6.2024 9.00
News item

Under the Firearms Act (1/1998), all firearms rendered permanently unfit for use by deactivation must be reported to the police by 15 July 2024. The notification obligation applies to private individuals, corporations, companies, foundations and estates of deceased persons.

Notifications can be made electronically at https://asiointi. In the additional information section on the notification form, please state where and when the firearm was acquired. Save an image of the deactivation certificate received in conjunction with deactivation of the firearm and images of the firearm to append to the notification. Notification of a deactivated firearm rendered permanently unfit for use provides instructions on how to complete the information required. The police will only call you to present your firearm if the form does not provide enough information for registration.

You can also register the firearm at a police station. Make an appointment in the poliisi.fi/appointment service and take a copy of the deactivation certificate and images of the firearm with you to the police station. 

If you have unnecessary firearms that are operable or which have been deactivated, you can hand them over to the police. Firearms can be handed over free of charge to the state or for auction.

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