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Ampumakelvottomaksi tehdyn tai deaktivoidun aseen ilmoittaminen en

Notification of firearms rendered unfit for use or deactivated

All firearms that have been permanently rendered unfit for use or deactivated must be registered in Finland. Such firearms are often found as mementos or heirlooms in family homes. These firearms must be reported to the police and everyone in possession of such a firearm must report it.

If the firearm was deactivated after 28 June 2018, it might already be in the police firearms register. You are responsible for ensuring that the firearm is indeed registered. The police recommend the notification of all deactivated firearms now. If registration has not been done, the possession of such a firearm will be a punishable offence from 15 July 2024. 

You need the following identification information to report the firearm:

  • firearm type
  • make
  • model 
  • calibre
  • serial number
  • current owner or holder.

When a firearm changes owner, the new owner must submit a new notification within 30 days of the change of ownership. If the firearm has been permanently deactivated before 28 June 2018, it must be deactivated in accordance with current legislation before being handed over to a new owner. Gunsmiths will help with deactivation.

Police online services help with notification

You can notify the police of firearms that have been permanently rendered unfit for use or deactivated through the police online services on the online form provided for this purpose. The form is under the title Services for private individuals - Firearms. You can use the same form to notify on behalf of an estate, a business or a society. The service provides instructions for entering firearm identification information and so makes it easier and faster to submit the notice.

You can also notify the police by visiting a police station. You can find your nearest police station on the website. Remember to take an official ID card or your passport with you when visiting the police station. You do not need to take the firearm, if needed the police will ask you separately to present the firearm. 

Report firearms in good time, unregistered firearms may result in sanctions

The transition provision in the Firearms Act requires firearms holders to notify the police of 

  • firearms rendered permanently unfit for use before 8 April 2016
  • firearms deactivated after 8 April 2016. 

Notification must be made by 15 July 2024, after which being in possession of any such firearm not notified will be a punishable offence.


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