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Valokuvat ja videot en

Photographs and videos about police work

Photographs intended to accompany the police’s press releases are distributed via the media services portal either as attachments or as links to the police’s image library.

Small pictures of senior police staff are included in each biography, and printable versions are available via the police’s media services portal. 

We are also happy to supply photographs and other media files to accompany news articles about the police. Please contact the relevant police unit well in advance to request pictures. 

The police’s pictures and videos can only be used in context. The pictures must not be used to convey a misleading image of police work by, for example, presenting them out of context.

The police does not, as a rule, supply copies of its video releases to the media, but the media can include links to the police’s information resources or embed police videos on their websites.

Source citations

Any pictures and videos of the police that are used in the media must be credited to the Police, the relevant police unit and the specific photographer, if the photographer’s name is known.

Please also cite the source of any pictures published on social media, such as the name of the social media platform and the user, e.g. X (prev. Twitter) @FinlandPolice or Poliisitube on YouTube.

This applies to all pictures, other media and embedded files.

Live recordings

Police officers can be filmed and photographed in public places.

However, people (even police officers) have the right to privacy in their homes or on other private premises.

Please also respect the privacy of the police’s customers and the sensitivity of certain operational situations. For example, recording at the scene of an accident not only violates the privacy of the individuals involved but can also impede the rescue operation.