Acts or threats of violence are a part of robberies

Acts or threats of violence are a part of robberies

The offence is a robbery when the perpetrator steals someone else’s property or uses it without permission by using violence or threatening to do so.

A robbery is considered aggravated when, for example, a firearm or edged weapon has been used. If the victim is, for example, a bus or taxi driver who can’t defend themselves because of their position, the offence is an aggravated robbery. Attempted robbery is also punishable. 

The difference compared to theft is that a robbery involves violence or its threat directed at a human being. A petty form of robbery is not defined in legislation. In less severe cases, the perpetrator is not convicted for robbery, but instead for other crimes contained therein, such as theft and petty assault. 

In 2019, the police filed approximately 1,800 different crimes related to robberies. 


For robberies, the punishment can be imprisonment:

  • for robbery imprisonment for a period of no less than four months and no more than six years
  • for aggravated robbery imprisonment for a period of no less than two years and no more than ten years.