Contact information of the police units will be updated on the on November 29, 2022

Publication date 24.11.2022 16.02
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The operation and structure of the contact information search will also be changed. The largest change is that police stations will no longer have separate contact information pages.

Police stations’ service information will be shown on the pages of police departments. You can access this summary page by clicking Units button on the pages of police departments. Each police station will have four accordion menus that indicate

  • Location and opening hours
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Services and exception information
  • Accessibility

If a police station’s services have been divided into licence and police services, the accordion menu will be shown for both services.

The contact information search will be developed so that the current search by search words will be discontinued. It will be replaced by a search area, in which the service is defined first, followed by the municipality. You can use them together or separately to carry out a search. Search results will be shown as before. If there are several search results, they will be shown on separate pages. Hyperlinks will also be added to the contact information page, through which you can directly access any police unit’s page.

The use of the new contact information will start on 29th of November 2022. During the change, the website may show incomplete contact information or have unusual structures. 

Please be patient while we are building and deploying our new contact information. By updating our contact information and centralising our service information, we seek to serve our customers and personnel even better.

You can give us feedback on the update using the feedback form at or the page-specific feedback function available at the bottom of each page. 

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