Final report of the project ‘Report on the crime prevention situation’

Crime prevention situation report
Kurenmaa, Tero
National Police Board publication series
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The National Police Board launched the project ‘Report on the crime prevention situation’ to investigate the current state of crime prevention, draw conclusions on the related development needs and prepare action proposals with schedules. The aim was to form a comprehensive view of the development needs of crime prevention.

The content of the report is divided into four chapters: introduction, the operating environment of crime prevention, development of crime prevention and recommended measures and schedules.

The state of crime prevention was investigated by interviewing all parties playing a key role in crime prevention. Here, the focus was on interviews with police departments. A total of 120 persons participated in the 28 interviews conducted.

The interviews were supplemented by a Webropol survey addressed to members of the police forces. 51 persons responded.

The number of recommended measures is 73.

The state of criminal investigation was last studied 15 years ago (Ministry of the Interior’s Police Department publication no. 4/2003).

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