Head of Investigation's blog: a new alarming trend of cowardly crimes against Vastaamo victims

Publication date 11.2.2022 11.51
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Since the launch of the criminal investigation into the Vastaamo hacking incident, the police have conducted active monitoring to see whether the victims' personal data are used for criminal purposes, such as fraud. The police have discovered that associated crime has started to emerge more than before.

Detective Chief Inspector Marko Leponen, Head of Investigation for the Psychotherapy Centre Vastaamo hacking incident, writes in his blog about a criminal phenomenon in which personal data that leaked as a result of the incident have been increasingly used for fraudulent purposes. 

– The data have been fraudulently used for various registrations, and we are extremely worried that these registrations are used, for example, to commit different types of fraud. Frauds may cause victims to incur expenses, and the overall consequences may only manifest themselves long after the actual commission of the crime. This may trouble and concern the victims for a long time in an already stressing situation where sensitive information has leaked to the public, Marko Leponen writes in his blog.

In his blog, Leponen makes reference to actions by which victims can reduce the risk of their personal data being used by criminals. He also reminds the victims that they should fill in the statement form available at police e-services.

Link to the blog: A new alarming trend of cowardly crimes against Vastaamo victims

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