In Western Uusimaa some more applications for temporary protection caused by war in Ukraine

Publication date 30.6.2022 10.58 | Published in English on 30.6.2022 at 11.06
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After February this year, about 2000 applications of temporary protection related to the war in Ukraine have been filed with the Western Uusimaa Police Department. During week 24, the number of applications filed within the Police Department areas was 70 while the week preceding midsummer they were 50. On a weekly level, the number of applications show a slightly rising trend but nothing indicates that the application numbers would start to grow significantly.

In Western Uusimaa, the Police is receiving the applications at the Espoo Central Police Station as well as at the Lohja and Raasepori Police Stations. According to Superintendent Aapo Isoaho, the Police station experienced a busy period in early spring, but things calmed down already a few months ago. However, in June the weekly application numbers have shown a slight growth. In contrast, some applications have also been withdrawn.

− In this area, we have had over one hundred persons withdrawing their applications.

As a rule, the Police has been able to provide smooth and rapid service to those in need of temporary protection. There have been occasional queues in situations where larger groups have come to the Police stations without an advance notice.

− We still hope that the person transporting or otherwise assisting the group would take advance contact with us through the Police telephone exchange. This would allow us to reserve the right number of personnel to help the group and nobody needs to stay in queues for long, Superintendent Isoaho adds.

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