Intoxicant controls of the school’s out weekend result in decreased volumes of confiscated and destroyed alcohol and numbers of child welfare reports

Publication date 6.6.2022 15.46
News item

During the school’s out weekend 3 to 5 June 2022, the Police engaged in intensified surveillance of the consumption of alcohol and drugs by the young.

The particular focus of the control operations was on the places where the young gather, such as children’s playgrounds as well as day-care centre and school yards. The controls took place in many localities in collaboration with the departments of youth and social services as well as with the alcohol inspectors employed by the Regional State Administrative Agency. 

During the weekend, the Police destroyed about 784 litres of alcoholic beverages, of which 650 litres of beer, bottled long drinks or cider and the rest wines or strong spirits. Last year, the volume of destroyed alcohol was 870 litres. 

During the intensive controls, the Police registered 105 reports, penal orders, fines or fixed petty fines for minor offences for unlawful possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In addition, the Police filed 256 child protection reports to the Child welfare authorities. 

According to Chief Superintendent Kai Vepsäläinen of the National Police Board, this year’s number of children and the young committing crimes was about 270, in the same order than last year. The majority of the young breaking the alcohol legislation were between 15 and 17 years of age, but there were also 24 children under 15. 

- When comparing the results, we notice that the increase in the number of child protection reports, consistent in the past few years, now seems to have come to a halt. In 2021, the number of the reports made was over 600 while this year they were only 256. In addition, the Police dedicated far less time to the intoxicant surveillance operations this year, compared to last year. This may also have contributed the smaller number of child protection reports, Chief Superintendent Vepsäläinen comments on the results.