National Police Commissioner signed decision to conclude Vitja project

Publication date 13.11.2023 11.12
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National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen has decided, based on the Vitja IT system technology report, that the Vitja project as such will conclude. The decision is in line with the proposal of the working group that prepared the Vitja technology report to change to development of a modular system rather than one large system.

The options chosen will provide concrete support for police operations and can be relatively easily rolled out. Among other things, the aim is to speed up the processing of criminal cases that can be resolved quickly.

The future system well be designed around an ecosystem of services enabled by microservice architecture. Microservice architecture is the goal towards which progress can be made one application and system at a time. 

Going forward, operations will be rolled gradually one part at a time to allow faster utilisation of investments. Successful change management will be ensured as part of the TUJU programme to reform investigation systems.

“The investments already made in Vitja, such as the engine and other finished or almost finished parts will be used in accordance with the technology report and the plan to be further detailed during 2024. The technology to be used is centred on Java, which will ensure better continuity since there are many experts in Finland,” explains Chief Superintendent Pekka Sallinen at the National Police Board. 

Personnel and financial resources in the police's TUJU programme will be allocated for planning. Based on user feedback, the police intelligence system Poti will be improved during 2024.

“It’s essential for police operations to implement prioritised functions. Development requires resources. The police and other security authorities need information systems that support their work and respond to the needs of crime prevention. Vitja provided us with excellent data models and specifications, but we are changing how we work to quick, faster deployments,” says Assistant Police Commissioner Hannu Kautto. 

“Improvements to the police intelligence system will complete during 2024. Development of the Polo and police information system Patja is already underway and most of the criminal investigation personnel have been trained in the new functionalities during the autumn. This means we will continue planning for 2024 and bring solutions to support the work of the police bit by bit in the coming years,” Sallinen says.

Over the years in the Vitja project, the police distinguishing features register VITJA-RETU was completed in 2014, the police intelligence system Poti in 2018 and the overall reform of the electronic crime reporting process in 2021. Besides these, the police have developed other systems and functionalities to support crime prevention and the prevention of cross-border crime. Online services for citizens have also been expanded.

Future collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces and the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice will be planned and agreed upon separately with the authorities concerned. 

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