Passport rush in Espoo - read our top tips if you want to renew your passport

Publication date 23.2.2024 11.16 | Published in English on 23.2.2024 at 11.28
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When renewing your passport or identification card, make things run more smoothly by using our online services, obtaining a photo in time and making use of less crowded police stations.

The first available ID appointments at Espoo Main Police Station are currently over three months ahead. Further, there is a six-week wait for Lohja Police Station and a two-week wait for Raasepori Police Station. However, a few appointments are cancelled almost daily, so in case you are in a hurry, we recommend checking the cancelled appointments.

If you have given your fingerprints and signature at a police station less then six years ago, and your name remains unchanged, you can simply renew your document by using the Police's online services. In that case, you do not need to visit the police station. The document will be completed as normal delivery in eight business days. The delivery time can be accelerated for an additional fee.

However, if the processing of your application requires an identification visit, make an appointment using the online service's appointment system. In urgent cases, you may also come and queue without an appointment, but this may result in a very long waiting time.

Espoo Main Police Station does not have a photo booth

The police have noticed that many applications now remain unfinished because the customer has not obtained a photo in advance. In this case, the customer will needlessly have to visit the station twice, and the queues become even longer.

There is no photo booth at Espoo Main Police Station. We urge the customer to visit a photographer before submitting an application for a passport or identity card at a police station or in online services. In an official photo studio, you get expert service and you'll know that the photo meets the Police's criteria. The photo can be a maximum of six months old.

Top tips for getting a passport or ID card now

  • Think ahead. Start renewing your documents as early as possible.
  • Apply electronically. You can always begin your document application in our online services - click the link below and choose English in the top right corner. The system tells you if a personal visit to the police station is necessary.
  • Make an appointment. At the moment, appointments in Espoo are only available a few months ahead, so consider visiting other stations.
  • Check cancelled appointments. If you are in a hurry, check the online service's appointment system for any cancellation times available: click the link below and choose English in the top right corner.
  • In urgent cases, you may queue at the station without having an appointment. For queuing as well, consider a less crowded police station, such as the Lohja or Raasepori Police Stations.
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