Pekka Kokkonen appointed as Senior Police Coordinator of UN Assistance Mission in Somalia

Publication date 24.3.2023 14.00 | Published in English on 24.3.2023 at 14.41
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Superintendent Pekka Kokkonen

Superintendent Pekka Kokkonen, Head of the Police Dog Training Centre of the Police University College, has been appointed to serve as Senior Police Coordinator in the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

He will also deputise for the UNSOM Police Commissioner. The position is based in Mogadishu and the area of operation covers the whole of Somalia. Kokkonen will take up his duties in April.

“My appointment to this position is a sign of trust in Finnish expertise of policing and crisis management. Finland's aim has been to increase the participation of Finns in UN missions, for example. Strengthening security in Somalia is important not only for the country's own security and development but also because the conflict areas in Africa have an impact on the security of both Finland and Europe,” says Kokkonen.

UNSOM assists the Federal Government of Somalia in peacebuilding in the areas of governance and security. The UNSOM Police Section plays a key role in building a federal police force in Somalia. The mission also coordinates international support to Somalia. 

In addition to its other tasks, the mission helps build Somalia's capacity to promote respect for human rights and strengthen the judicial system. Furthermore, it monitors, assists in investigating and reports to the UN Security Council on violations of human rights or international humanitarian law in Somalia and all violations against children or women. 

Kokkonen has extensive experience of police work, including in the field of training, and a long experience of crisis management. He has held several positions in NATO, EU and UN missions in Afghanistan, in UN staff duties in Italy and in the EU Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories. 

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