Police again issued sanctions for riding on the pavement

Publication date 5.10.2022 11.32
News item

The police issued numerous traffic penalty fees and warnings on 3 October, when the police controlled the behaviour in traffic of vulnerable road users. Sanctions were issued to cyclists for riding on the pavement and to operators of light e-vehicles for driving on the pavement.

”Regrettably, there were failings in the behaviour of all road user groups. Once again, most intervention was on the pavement and involved vehicles and their operators that shouldn’t have been there,” says Chief Superintendent  Heikki Kallio at the National Police Board.

A total of 352 warnings or traffic penalty fees were issued to cyclists, mostly for riding on the pavement or for jumping red lights. 

A total of 158 sanctions were issued to operators of light e-vehicles, mostly for driving on the pavement. There were 47 incidents of pedestrians walking against the red light.

A total of 64 warnings and fines were issued to operators of motorised vehicles for failing to give way at pedestrian crossings and cycle path extensions. 

Kallio points out that only children under the age of 12-may cycle on the pavement and only then when this does not significantly inconvenience pedestrians. 
In addition, self-balancing light e-vehicles that remain balanced when the vehicle is not moving or has no operator may also be ridden on the pavement. In which case, the operator must give unhindered passage to pedestrians. 
The aim of the control day was to supervise the traffic behaviour and safety of vulnerable road users. 
Control intervened in traffic behaviour that jeopardised primarily the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and light e-vehicle operators. Control focused in particular on compliance with traffic lights and riding or driving on the pavement.