Police blog: July is the worst month in terms of drunk driving

Publication date 12.7.2022 13.35
News item

More than a fourth of DUI cases are caught during the summer months. The number of people dead or injured by DUI accidents also increases over the summer. Looking at monthly averages, July is the worst month in terms of these cases.

This information is revealed in a blog article written by the National Police Board of Finland’s Assistant Police Commissioner Pasi Rissanen and data analyst Mika Sutela, published on the police’s website.

According to the blog article, more than half of drunk driving cases are aggravated DUIs. 

“The drivers exceeding the limit of aggravated drunk driving have a hundredfold risk of causing an accident leading to death than those driving sober, as stated before. There is a surprising number of intoxicated or tipsy drivers in traffic – way too many.” 

The blog article states that even though concerns about drunk driving have been raised for decades now, perhaps the measures taken have not been adequate.  The police are doing their best in the situation.

“The police strives to maintain the risk of getting caught within the capabilities granted to it by society. The drunk driving situation in recent years is not promising for the vision presented in the Transport Safety Strategy, in which no one has to die or become seriously injured in traffic by 2050.” 

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