Police blog: serious threats require enhanced international cooperation

Publication date 25.10.2022 11.53
News item

International cooperation is increasingly important for the Finnish Police. In order to be able to respond to increasingly serious threats as a result of international developments, cooperation with other countries and international organisations and the development of cross-border operational cooperation are essential.

According to Tony Everhall, Chief Superintendent of the National Police Board, in a blog published on the police website.

According to the blog, the added value of operational cross-border cooperation is that it can further enhance national preparedness and improve the operational response.
Over the last decade, the statutory tasks of the police have increased and the operational requirements have become much more diverse. However, despite these developments, the human resources allocated to the police have remained almost unchanged. 

- Recently, new statutory tasks for the police in the field of international activities have been proposed. The national and international operational capacity of the police special operations unit, Karhu, should be further developed to meet the new proposed tasks," Everhall said in the blog.

The interdependence of the EU Member States and the Nordic countries on security issues has increased. In the light of this development, the importance of international and cross-border cooperation is likely to become even more important in the future. Efforts will be made to develop more effective forms of cooperation between the Nordic countries so that they can request or provide each other with assistance in an urgent crisis situation.

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