Police blog: the police are improving their skills to interact with vulnerable victims

Publication date 19.8.2021 14.54
News item

The current year has seen public debate on cases where the focus has been on the attitude, approach and skills of the police in investigating human trafficking and related crimes.

”The police have a duty to interact with the criminal parties appropriately and to tell them about their rights. In addition, the police have a duty to take an objective approach when establishing the facts, both for and against, relating to the suspect,” says Assistant Police Commissioner Minna Ketola in her blog on the police website.

Assistant Police Commissioner Minna Ketola started in August as head of the crime prevention area of responsibility at the National Police Board.

Ketola tell how in recent years the police have addressed improving their skills in dealing with offences related to human trafficking, violence against women and intimate partner violence as well as in criminal procedures in offences against children. Development work is continuous and the National Police Board has recently studied a new type of investigation model used in some countries. In addition work is under way on training to improve the expertise of head investigators.

Even though crime numbers have been falling in recent decades, the nature of crimes has become increasingly more sophisticated and international, and dealing with this calls for increasingly more resources, means and expertise.

Ketola calls on all those involved in dealing with criminal matters to remember the unique nature of the situation from the viewpoint of the victim of an offence. This has been particularly addressed in police education.

Despite the urgency and pressure of work, there are three things we can’t compromise on: compliance with the law, human rights and meaningful interaction. Trust in the police in Finland is exceptionally high and we work to earn this every day. 

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